Tile flooring: The epitome of form+ function

You don't have to think of it only for the kitchen or bath floor because tile flooring looks just as great in the hallway or living room. With the almost unlimited assortment of colors, designs, shapes, sizes, and shapes, you can mix and match to create your unique style and various price points. With colors that range from earth tones to subtle neutrals and jewel tones, as well as large, bold patterns, you're only limited by your imagination.

Ceramic tile vs. porcelain tile

Many use ceramic and porcelain interchangeably, but that's not correct. For example, while porcelain is a type of ceramic, it's heavier, denser, and waterproof whether or not it's glazed. In fact, porcelain tile is also ideal for outdoor spaces. As for style, this large format tile flooring comes in countless colors and designs and can be made to look like anything, including leather. It's also the preferred choice for stone or wood-look tiles, as well as a through-body color, which means the dye goes all the way through the bisque, as opposed to being only in the glaze. So, come into our tile shop in Virginia Beach, VA, to see just how porcelain and ceramic tiles can work for you.

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Tile flooring comes with plenty of options

The 4 X 4 (or larger or smaller) squares are highly decorated and often glazed. Although they are thinner, the glaze creates a hard outer shell that makes them difficult to crack. As a result, they are appropriate for moderately heavily foot trafficked rooms, backsplashes, countertops, and walls.

Mosaics are tiny (often as small as one square), highly decorative, often glass-coated pebble-like pieces. Also, mold and mildew-resistant are trending for bathrooms for their glamorous look and many grout lines enhancing traction. 

Terracotta is trending hot for indoor decor, as their beautiful reddish-brown colors fit so well in rustic decor. However, these bricks are durable, can also be used outside, and are somewhat porous so ask about sealing to make cleaning easier.

Others include subway tiles, often used on backsplashes. They are also appropriate for low-traffic rooms indoors. Finally, listellos are border tiles used as accents.

When you are considering tile flooring, be sure to speak with the experts at Creative Flooring Solutions so we can guide you to the right type for your remodeling project. If you live or work in Virginia Beach, VA, Norfolk, VA, Portsmouth, VA, Suffolk, VA or Chesapeake, VA, come into our showroom in Virginia Beach or Richmond, VA. You'll see an extensive inventory of top brands, learn just what tiles can do for your home, and also get a free quote.