When you want a comfortable atmosphere with a warm, cozy feel underfoot, you want carpet. We have a vast collection of carpet with hundreds of styles, colors and textures so you’ll find the perfect style for every room.

Carpet has many practical benefits including energy efficiency. It can help reduce the transfer of heat and cold through floors, maintaining a more even room temperature. Carpet also absorbs sound, so it’s a great choice for stairs, playrooms, bedrooms or a room facing a busy street.

Contrary to popular opinion, even people with allergies can enjoy carpet. When carpet is properly maintained, it can trap allergens in the fibers, keeping them out of the air. Vacuum it regularly and have it professionally cleaned every 6 months for best results.

Not sure what carpet colors or styles are best for your space? Make an appointment to visit our showroom to look at carpet samples and get expert advice from one of our flooring specialists. We’re here to help you select the right floor for you.